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AA Coins -All

All Styles and Finishes of AA Coins - Categorized

Bulk Anniversary Tokens, Slogan and  Affirmation, Newcomer/Welcome chips available in Plastic, Aluminum, Bronze, Custom engraved, Nickel plated, Gold Plated, Custom painted, Bi-plated, color Tri-plated and .999 Sterling Silver.

Home of the God centered-Sunlight of the Spirit AA coins

"SOS" AA coins are available in 24 Hours through 45 Years. Special 70 year bronze SOS AA Coin available.

AA Meeting Coins and Aluminum and Plastic chip Starter sets. Wholesale for resellers available

Al-Anon Coins

Al-Anon Coins, Chips, Tokens & Medallions

Choose Al-anon Meeting Medallions for your special occassion in Al-anon for Anniversaries and as a gift. Al-anon Anniversary coins currently in 24 Hours up to 45 Years. Standard 34MM Recovery coin size-Plastic chips slightly larger

Al-Anon tokens offered in Plastic, Aluminum and Bronze

All Anniversary Medallions

All Recovery Anniversary Coins - Uncategorized

More medallions than you can shake a stick at. All Anniversaries; AA coins, Alanon coins, NA coins, Universal Recovery chips also for; MA, SA, CA, NicA, etc...Look for Volume discounts/Wholesale pricing in item description where available. Thousands of Recovery anniversary medallions in stock and ready to ship. Look for Volume discounts/Wholesale pricing in item description where available.

Express Shipping Available on most products

Fully Custom Recovery Coins

Choose Recovery-world to manufacture your custom coins, medallions, chips, tokens and now Lapel Pins for Groups, Individuals, Facilities & Organizations, fund raiser or Event. OUr standard bronze coin is appx 2.5mm thich which feels slightly heavier and thicker than other usuall AA or NA bronze coins. Larger or smaller sizes available. Allow appx 30 days for manufacture.

Plastic Recovery chips are done in house.

Custom coins and Lapel pins 100% guaranteed to be as specified. All artwork must be approved prior to production.

Engraved Recovery Coins

Engraved Coins For AA, NA & Al-Anon

Engraved sponsor medallion, engraved sobriety date medallion, engraved renewal medallion, engraved Founders medallion and Milestone US Half Dollars. Something for all 12 Step groups

Allow 7-10 days for engraving


NA Coins

Narcotics Anonymous & NA style Coins - Categorized

NA bronze medallions and NA tri-plate tokens with gold, silver and enamel. Platic Chips, Specialty slogan and affirmation coins.

Home of NA Millennium Anniversary Coins

NA Millennium God Centered-Sunlight of the Spirit Anniversary Coins are currently available in Years 1-35 and feature our unique 12 ray sun representing the 12 Steps

Newcomer recovery coins (all)

Newcomer Recovery Medallions;

Plastic, Aluminum, Tri plate Bronze, Precious metals One Day At A Time, Welcome Chips, Keep Coming Back and several other popular terms and slogans including 24 Hour

Plastic Recovery Chips & Tokens | Customization available

Recovery and Custom plastic chips & Tokens for all Groups

Now offering FREE customization with minimum 150 chip purchase!  

Hot stamped with gold foil AA chips, NA chips, Al-anon chips, OA chips, Nicotine Anonymous chips, AA poker chips, NA poker chips, Al-anon poker chips, OA poker chips, Nicotine Anonymous poker chips, Recovery Chips, Recovery Poker Chips, Sobriety chips, Sobriety poker chips, GA chips, SA chip, SLAA chips, EA chips. Anniversary, Welcome, 24 hours. Customization available. 

In House Chip Stamping


Recovery Medallions All (list)

All Recovery Coins - Uncategorized

Recovery-world 12 step Recovery Medallions NA, Al-anon AA coins are generally offered in Plastic, Aluminum, Bronze, Nickel plate, Gold plate, Painted, Bi-plated (gold and nickel),  color Tri-plated (gold, nickel, epoxy resin) and .999 Sterling Silver. We carry coins commemorating 24 hours, anniversary days, months and years, newcomer, specialty slogan, Affirmations, Engraved, etc. 

Featuring Sunlight of the Spirit AA & NA Anniversary Coins 

Bronze and Tri-plated Anniversary medallions standard size

Standard Recovery coin size 34mm unless otherwise noted.

Specialty slogan recovery medallions

Specialty Slogan and Affirmation Recovery Coins

Special tokens for 12 step programs: Coffee pot coins, Easy does it token, One day at a time medallions, 24 hour coins and many more. Standard 34mm recovery coin size. Fits most holders unless otherwise noted.


Best Sellers

Most Popular

.999 Sterling Silver Anniversary AA Coin
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Price: $49.99
12 AA or NA Coin Holder Hardwood Plaque

Price: $49.99
24 Hour Antique Bronze AA Coin Sunlight of the Spirit Coin
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $1.03
24 Hour Daily Reprieve Sunlight of the Spirit AA Coin

Price: $1.79
3rd Step Prayer AA Coin with Choice of Color
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $14.99
7th Step Prayer Plated AA Coin with Choice of Color

Price: $12.99
7th Step Prayer Reminder Antique Bronze AA Coin
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $1.49
AA 3D Engraved Lighted Shelf Clock
Previous1 of 3Next

Price: $29.99
AA Big Book cover-Serenity Prayer and medallion holder

Price: $15.99
AA Custom Leather Double Book Cover for Big Book and 12 &12

Price: $94.99
AA Deluxe Double Book Cover with Serenity Prayer and coin holder

Price: $25.99
AA We are not cured - Daily Reprieve Coin from pg 85

Price: $14.99
Aluminum AA 24 Hour Chip

List Price: $0.36
Price: $0.39
Anniversary Antique Bronze AA Coin Sunlight of the Spirit

Price: $1.03
Anniversary NA Style Tri-Plate Medallions-Bulk
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $14.99
Anniversary Sunlight of the Spirit Tri-Plated AA Coins

Price: $14.99
Antique Bronze NA Anniversary Millennium Coins

Price: $1.49
Believe in your Dreams Recovery Medallion with Great Spirit Prayer

Price: $14.99
Bill and Bob SOS God Centered 24 Hour AA Coin

Price: $10.99
Black Leather Serenity Prayer Bracelet

Price: $10.99
Black or Red Leather AA Big Book Cover with Serenity Prayer and coin holder
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $39.99
Brown Leather Serenity Prayer Bracelet

Price: $11.99
Camel Recovery Coin Display

Price: $44.99
Choice of Recovery Coffee Mugs

Price: $12.99
Custom Plastic Recovery Chips-Typeset Free min. required

Price: $0.55
Discover the Goddess within- The Miracle is You Recovery Medallion

Price: $14.99
Eternal Friendship Medallion with Great Spirit Prayer

Price: $12.99
Glass Recovery Prayer Plaques with Easel

Price: $19.99
Gold or Nickel Plated Camel Pin with jeweled eye

List Price: $4.99
Price: $2.50
Handmade Bronze AA Coin Ring

Price: $39.99
I'm a Miracle Lapel Pin

List Price: $4.99
Price: $2.50
Incognito Milestone AA Coin with selection of year
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $29.99
Just For Today Lapel Pin - Choice of colors

List Price: $4.99
Price: $2.50
Just for Today-Keep Coming Back Shield of Protection Recovery Coin

Price: $14.99
Keep it Simple Butterfly Recovery Medallion with Serenity Prayer

Price: $12.99
Large Coin Capsule with Low Profile Folding Easel

Price: $2.24
Light in the Dark-Daily Reprieve 24 Hour SOS AA Coin
Previous1 of 3Next

Price: $12.99
Live to Ride Clean and Sober Tri-Plated Recovery Medallion

Price: $12.99
Magical Floating Recovery Coin Display

Price: $8.99
My Sponsor- My Friend Recovery Coin

Price: $12.99
NA Angel Tri plate teal

Price: $12.99
NA Milestone Coin with selection of year
Previous1 of 2Next

Price: $29.99
Purple AA Camel Coin

Price: $12.99
Reach for the Stars-Live Each Day to the Fullest Recovery Medallion

Price: $12.99
Recovery Bear White or Brown - choice of red, black, blue or pink shirt
Previous1 of 4Next

List Price: $22.99
Price: $17.99
Recovery Bumper Stickers
Previous1 of 3Next

Price: $1.50
Recovery Coin Holder Bezel Pendants with Bail
Previous1 of 5Next

Price: $19.99
Recovery Hardwood Plaques

Price: $29.99
Recovery Prayers Jeweled Pendant Necklace

Price: $12.99
Recovery Prayers Necklace

Price: $8.99
Recovery Watches by Bulova USA

Price: $152.98
Serenity Prayer Spiral Pendant Necklace

Price: $9.99
Spritual Blend Pendant Necklace

Price: $8.99
Step by Step Card Game

Price: $10.99
Sunlight of the Spirit 24 Hour Chip-Key Chain

Price: $0.45
Sunlight of the Spirit AA Coin Presentation-Display Box

Price: $24.99
Tri-Plate Drug Free "I Can't - We Can" Recovery Coin

Price: $14.99
Tri-Plate Pass it on Camel AA Coin with Camel Poem

Price: $12.99
Tri-Plated My Heart is in my Recovery Medallion with 3D effect

Price: $14.99
Unity Service Recovery Heart Pendant Necklace

Price: $8.99
Unity Service Recovery Pendant Necklace

Price: $8.99
Unity Service Recovery Tear Drop Necklace

Price: $8.99

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