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Al-Anon Family Groups* Meeting Medallions & Coins

Al-Anon Coin Here we list our Al-Anon Family Group meeting coin options. The Al-Anon coin system is not directly related to AFG and neither are the Al-Anon coins offered here. As far as we know though, the Al-Anon medallions here are considered the meeting "standard". Recovery-World is not affiliated with, nor represents any particular Group or Meeting but strongly supports the 12 step approach to Recovery and living life.

The traditions of chips, medallions and birthdays vary in different parts of the country.

"At Al-Anon Family Group meetings, the friends and family members of problem drinkers share their experiences and learn how to apply the principles of the Al-Anon program to their individual situations. They learn that they are not alone in the problems they face, and that they have choices that lead to greater peace of mind, whether the drinker continues to drink or not. Sponsorship gives members an opportunity to get personal support from someone more experienced in the program. These relationships are voluntary. Members ask another member to be their Sponsor when they believe that person will be suitable as a mentor in applying the program."


* AFG and Al-Anon Family Groups are registered trademarks and ownership and other helpful info can be found at contact them for more info

Al-Anon plastic chip

Bronze, Plastic or Aluminum Al-Anon Tokens & Coins 

Popular bronze Al-anon anniversary coins, platic tokens and meaningful slogan medallions for giving or receiving. For Alanon nniversaries through 45 years. Quantity discounts

3rd Step Prayer AA Coin with Choice of Color
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Price: $14.99
7th Step Prayer Plated AA Coin with Choice of Color

Price: $12.99
A Day at a Time Praying Hands Medallion in purple or white
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Price: $14.99
AA Recovery Angel bsp Tri-Plate Medallion

Price: $15.95
African American Bronze Recovery Coin

Price: $1.29
Al-anon Anniversary Plastic Chips -

Price: $0.45
Al-Anon Bronze Medallion

Price: $1.19
Al-Anon Welcome One Day At A Time Bronze Coin

Price: $1.29
Alanon Aluminum Newcomer Butterfly Medallion DC06

Price: $0.43
Alanon Aluminum Newcomer Welcome Medallion DC86

Price: $0.43
Antique Bronze One Day at a Time - Absolutes

Price: $1.10
Antique Brushed Nickel Guardian Angel Coin -aqua stone

Price: $13.00
Balloons Celebrate Bronze Recovery Coin

Price: $1.29
Bronze Guardian Angel Coin-Topaz stone

Price: $5.00
Bronze No Matter What Club Coin
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Price: $2.50
But for the Grace of God-Praying Hands Painted Bronze Affirmation

Price: $15.00
Butterfly Bronze Recovery Coin
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Price: $1.29
Butterfly Let Go... Bronze Recovery Coin
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Price: $1.29
Custom Plastic Recovery Chips-Typeset Free min. required

Price: $0.48
Discover the Goddess within- The Miracle is You Recovery Medallion

Price: $14.99
Elevator Broken -Take Steps Bronze Recovery Coin
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Price: $1.29
Expect Miracles Bronze Recovery Coin

Price: $1.29
Gold Plated Guardian Angel Coin-clear stone

Price: $13.00
Just for Today-Keep Coming Back Shield of Protection Recovery Coin

Price: $14.99
Keep It Simple Bronze Recovery Coin
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Price: $1.29
Keep it Simple Butterfly Recovery Medallion with Serenity Prayer

Price: $12.99
Live to Ride Clean and Sober Tri-Plated Recovery Medallion

Price: $12.99
Milestone Al-Anon Coin with selection of year
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Price: $29.99
My Sponsor- My Friend Recovery Coin

Price: $12.99
Nickel Plated Guardian Angel Coin-aqua stone

Price: $13.00
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Best Sellers


Product ID: BC25-Vinyl-Double-Book-Cover
AA Deluxe Double Book Cover with Serenity Prayer and coin holder

Price: $25.99
Al-Anon Bronze Medallion

Price: $1.19
Product ID: BS-Aluminum-24to10
Aluminum Anniversary AA Medallions

Price: $0.43
Product ID: sunlight-of-spirit-Bronze-AA-Medallion
Anniversary Antique Bronze AA Coin Sunlight of the Spirit

Price: $1.03
Product ID: BS-AA_Anniversary_Antique_Bronze_Medallions
Anniversary Antique Bronze AA Medallion

Price: $1.09
Product ID: W-Founders_bronze-24-60
Anniversary Bronze Founders AA Medallion

Price: $1.15
Product ID: Marijuana-Anonymous-Plastic-Anniversary-chipsl
Anniversary Style - MA Plastic Recovery Chips

Price: $0.45
Product ID: anniversary-NA-style-Bronze-coin
Antique Bronze NA Anniversary Millennium Coins

Price: $1.49

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